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Request and Response

This section includes the detail of all the request&response types needed while using the SDK.

Request Types

All the request data structure needed to interact with the SDK


The request parameter data structure for bridge action.

export type BridgeRequestParam = {
fromAddress: string;
fromToken: BaseCurrency;
fromChainId: string;
toChainId: string;
toAddress: string;
amount: string; // in minimal uint
options: ButterTransactionOption;


The request parameter data structure for swap action.

export type SwapRequestParam = {
fromAddress: string;
fromToken: BaseCurrency;
toAddress: string;
toToken: BaseCurrency;
amountIn: string; // in minimal uint
swapRouteStr: string; // cross-chain swap route, in string format.
slippage?: number; // in bps, e.g. 100 = 1%
options: ButterTransactionOption;


The request parameter data structure for omnichain payment.

export type PaymentRequestParam = {
fromAddress: string;
paidToken: BaseCurrency; // token user paid
paidAmount: string; // in minimal uint
toAddress: string; // seller's receiving address
requiredToken: BaseCurrency; // required token by seller
requiredAmount: string; // required amount
swapRouteStr: string;
options: ButterTransactionOption;


options needed to do a cross-chain swap

export type ButterTransactionOption = {
signerOrProvider?: Signer | Provider | Eth; // When source chain is EVM provide Ethers.js Signer/Provider or Web3.js Eth info
nearProvider?: NearProviderType; // mandatory when src chain is near
gas?: string;
gasPrice?: string;

signerOrProvider: Butter supports both ethers.js and web3.js. If you are using ethers.js, provider the Signer object. If your application choose to use web3.js, please provide Eth object in order to send a transaction.

nearProvider: Whenever send a transaction from Near Protocol, you have to provide NearNetworkConfig with keystore provided or WalletConnection object

export type NearProviderType = NearNetworkConfig | WalletConnection;

Response Types

All the response data structure when interacting the SDK



interface VaultBalance {
token: BaseCurrency; // token in vault
balance: string; // amount of token in vault on target chain
isMintable: boolean; // if token is mintable by Butter


export interface ButterFee {
feeToken: BaseCurrency; // the token that to be charged
amount: string; // in minimal unit
feeRate: ButterFeeRate; // fee rate inforamtion
feeDistribution?: ButterFeeDistribution; // fee distribution inforamtion


Fee rate

export type ButterFeeRate = {
lowest: string; // lowest AMOUNT of fee token to be charged
highest: string; // highest AMOUNT of fee token to be charged
rate: string; // fee rate in bps


Fee distribution

export type ButterFeeDistribution = {
protocol: string; // protocol rate in bps
relayer: string; // relayer rate in bps, prepaid destination gas fee
lp: string; // lp fee rate in bps

Best Route


export type RouteResponse = {
data?: string; // json string
msg: string;
status: number;

Transaction Response


Response datatype when invoke cross-chain transaction

export interface ButterTransactionResponse {
hash: string;
wait?: () => Promise<ButterTransactionReceipt>;
promiReceipt?: PromiEvent<Web3TransactionReceipt>; // only when use web3.js

promiReceipt is only available when you are using web.js.


Transaction receipt

export interface ButterTransactionReceipt {
to: string;
from: string;
gasUsed: string;
transactionHash: string;
logs: Array<Log> | string[]; // string[] for Near logs
blockHash?: string;
blockNumber?: number;
success?: boolean; // 1 success, 0 failed