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2022 Q2

  • Build a single-chain smart router that supports major DEXs on major blockchains respectively.

    • Design smart router's architecture and code structure for a high-performance and easy-to-scale service.

    • Integrate the major DEXs on Ethereum, BSC, Near, Harmony, Avalanche, Klaytn, Solana, Polygon, and Fantom into our smart router.

    • Design and implement a unified pool and route structure for all DEXs integrated.

    • Design a routing algorithm to support split-route swapping based on all route paths from different DEXs on the same network only.

  • Developing smart contracts that enable one-step aggregate swapping between major DEXs on major blockchains, respectively.

    • Design code structure to allow dynamic expansion for more DEX safely and efficiently.
    • Different DEX has different exchange logic; integrate them into the Butter's router contract for each chain.
  • Develop a high-performance, high-availability back-end server, which constantly fetches major DEXs’ liquidity information to support smart route-finding.

    • Design unified pool data structure: Different DEXs' pool has their unique pool data structure, adapting all format into a unified format.
    • Get pool data(pool address, reserves, token information, etc.) from each DEX's subgraph server.
    • Get on-chain pool data because the subgraph server may not be stable, and there is always a delay with block synchronization.
    • Design a scheduled task that will constantly acquire the pool data from the two data sources above and write to a high-performance database for persistent storage.
    • Design and implement server API for other services to fetch pool data.

2022 Q3

  • Develop Butter Bridge that connects to BSC, and a few other chains that are TBD
  • Develop Butter Cross-chain Exchange, Butter Omnichain Payment System, Butter Chain Switcher and Butter Shared Cross-chain Liquidity Pool.
  • Build Butter Aggregator that optimizes cross-chain route-finding between those chains.
    • Adjust smart router to support cross-chain exchange route-finding among all routes from different chains.

2022 Q4

  • Launch Butter Bridge which is built upon Map Protocol that connects to Ethereum and few other chains that are TBD.
    • Develop vault contracts.
    • Develop messenger - an inter-chain program that sends messages across different chains.
  • Launch ButterJS SDK that connects to supported chains.
  • Testing, testing and testing.
  • Smart contract audit.

2023 Q1 and further

Keep connecting to major blockchains, each blockchain requires the following work:

  • Extend cross-chain aggregator to support more chains.
  • Write on-chain vault smart contracts and inter-chain messenger program for each blockchain connected.
  • Write one-step aggregation exchange smart contracts for each blockchain connected.
  • Extend ButterJS SDK to support more blockchains.
  • Testing and smart contract audit.