What is Butter?

Butter Network is building the first fully composable decentralized cross-chain asset bridge, and the first dApp built on Mapo L2.

Butter Network aims to help transform crypto assets movement across all blockchains seamlessly and securely with help of the cutting-edge light-client and zk technology Light-client

Why is Butter different?

ZK Pioneer

Butter is a best-in-class decentralized bridge that introduces and applies zk-lightclient into the cross-chain validation process.

Provably Secure

Butter guarantees blockchain-level security by with its fully-decentralized light-client verification process

Limitless Expansion

Butter can expand and connect with different blockchains no matter if they are EVM or non-EVM. With support from Map Protocol’s light client verification network, expansion can be smooth and easy.

Instant Confirmation

Butter ensures the cross-chain conformation speed is only related to each chain's block time.

Effortless Integration

Butter provides easy-to-integrate SDK to help Web3 application gain access to cross-chain functionality

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