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A peer-to-peer decentralized payment systems are the origin of blockchain technology, and one of the most common use cases. The idea is to eliminate third-party entities from the payment process and allow people around the world to participate in a trustless, distributed network. However, the overgrowing number of blockchains and cryptocurrencies has resulted in a major liquidity fragmentation. To solve this problem, cross-chain interoperability seems to be the solution. The problem is that cross-chain exchanges and bridges have a high threshold for users, first, the cross-chain process is very complicated, and second, users could put their assets at risk if not chosen carefully. And yet, why should Web3 users need to go through such a complicated process and careful research to enjoy cross-chain technology? We don't see every person using the internet understanding TCP/IP, and we don't see every person using social medias understanding the content-based recommendation algorithm, then why on earth Web3 users should ever be aware of the existence of cross-chain technology? Thus, with this goal in mind, we developed Butter Network to let Web3 applications empower their users with a seamless cross-chain experience.

About Butter Network

Butter Network aims to help transform crypto assets movement across all blockchains seamlessly and securely. Essentially, Butter provides a set of cutting-edge products to Web3 applications and let their users experience assets cross-chain without even realizing it.

Butter Bridge/Swap

Butter offers the most cutting-edge assets bridge/swap service. What is more exciting is that we provide easy-to-use Butter SDK so that everyone can effortlessly integrate cross-chain assets bridge/swap functionality into their applications.


Butter Network is built upon MAP Protocol - the most secure and comprehensive cross-chain infrastructure in the industry, which empower Butter with four amazing features.

Provably Secure

Butter guarantees blockchain-level security by using light-client technology for cross-chain verification. And we are adopting ZK into our system.

All Chains Supported

Butter supports crypto assets movement across all blockchains, EVM or non-EVM, as long as they are smart contract compatible.

Instant Confirmation

Butter ensures the cross-chain confirmation speed is only related to each chain's block time.

Effortless Integration

Butter provides easy-to-integrate SDK to help Web3 application gain access to cross-chain functionality.

We are extremely confident in providing the most secure cross-chain solution to the Web3 world, please click here to learn more.